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GLW Contest Photo Submission & Lolita Rain Boots

A few things :3

I've submitted my photo the the GLW Contest :)  So if you could help me out, please vote for me ^^  I've entered two categories; the Lolita and Glamour ones :3  So please do vote for both and feel free to share the link as well! *-*

Also I've made a post about a friend's great find on some Lolita rain boots *O* so please check em out! ;D

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Updated 1/16/2012: WISHLIST!

I pray to patiently wait to receive these, to graciously accept them, and the modesty to make room for them to come into my life! *0*

Thank you ever so much for making dreams come true to you who may grant me these wishes <3!

~In order of importance :3
Petite Angel Trump Skirt
BTSSB Bunny Milk Snow Strawberry JSK

Metamorphose Twinkle Journey Skirt
Innocent World Lotta JSK (Nordic Blue)
Innocent World British Bears JSK
Innocent World Lauretta Rose JSK
Angelic Pretty Garden Sheep Bag

Angelic Pretty Nakayoshi Bunny JSK

Victorian Maiden Ghillie Boots (black or bordeaux) 6.5 or 7 US

Metamorphose Swan Lake High Waist Ivory Skirt S
*Photo via Amy_The_Yu

Emily Temple Cute Stuffed Toys & Chocolate (in blue) S

Angelic Pretty Donut Bag (Chocolate Brown)

Mew&Lief Gardenberries Rabbit Crochet Series Black Skirt S

Metamorphose Red Velvet Applique Poodle Skirt S
bunny &amp; panda, The Labyrinth, masquerade ball, couple

Blog Entry by Fashion Blogger Who Took Pics of Us at Fashion Valley Mall During Anime Conji

Wow, cool, I've never seen myself in someone's fashion blog before o.o Feels kinda famous and fun XD

After our Lolita fashion panel at Anime Conji, our director treated us to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen in Fashion Valley Mall :) which was right across the street from the convention :3 How sweet of her~ And the lunch was such a good time!  A bunch of ladies, dressed in their finest, out in the sun on a beautiful weekend :D  Absolutely delicious XD


And here after is where we got stopped by zee fashion blogger who kindly provided us with her business cards to the blog ^^ and thouroughly took pictures of each of us, with every detail XD

bunny &amp; panda, The Labyrinth, masquerade ball, couple

Writer's Block: Stay Fashionable in Winter Weather

When it’s cold, wet, or snowy, how do you stay fashionable?

I had it all planned out when I was going to visit my honey bunny in San Francisco during January.  He kept going on and on about how insanely cold it was there... So I was gonna be super duper prepared; and I gotta look good too!!! I'm VISITING MY BOYFRIEND! :O

Description of layers:

Fuzzy ear muffs ^.~

Tank top
Long sleeve
Cute sweater
Cute heavy jacket--wool will keep you warm :3

Skinny jeans
Thigh high socks

Thigh-high is the sexy measuring point XDDD

Another special piece, (important to keep you warm; completing the rest of the outfit), ARM LENGTH leather, fuzzy filled rouched gloves!  Another sexy measuring point for gloves XD  No other will do.  Because I thought through it, preparing to keep myself warm; those regular gloves that are just one piece of fabric typically still let in wind :/  But when it has another layer of covering, you are WARM! :D

I've also, always, loved pea coats!!!!  They are like the must of a wardrobe :O  I haven't found one I liked yet though :/  But I still have some :3

Now you absolutely has to be warm with that many layers! XD and all the good stuff is covering the other stuff :p

I actually had to take out layers cuz it wasn't really freezing cold as he said, but hey, there it is, your recipe for a warm cute outfit ^_^